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Portable Airline Approved Car Travel Vet Visit Dog Crate Pet Carrier

$24.00 $21.00

Size: 23″L x 14.5″W x 13″ H
Weight: 4.16 lbs
Color: Grey & Blue
Material: plastic, steel
Recommendation: adult cat, beagle, bichon frise, chihuahua, dachshund, French bulldog, kitten, lhasa apso, miniature poodie, maltese, terrier, pomeranian, shetland sheepdog, yorkshire terrier, etc


Favorite kennel pet carrier devotes to providing great visibility and safety for owner and pet. Different from beautiful cloth, expensive jewelry and stimulating e-sports as being an attractive adornment or interesting friend, pet is a self-contained life firstly, he or she needs to same experience like human, such as a private room, a wonderful trip and going for a spin. A qualified master will bring the pet wing, and help them recognize this world. And this carrier is such a wing, it is not a confine for pet body, but a bus for pet mind. There is not too much time left for a pet. Though the home is always warm and safe, the wonderful outside world is unparalleled, most important of all, at that time, you, the only one for pet, can share the same view and emotions together. That is most valuable.


Please treat it as a pet transportation, but not a permanent habitat. Never forget your lovely pet, care about it and fasten the parts.


Strawberry Chips


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Temptations Classic Treats For Cats Feline Favorite Variety Pack (Four 3-Oz. Pouches)

$25.95 $21.45
  • Contains Four (4) 3-Oz. Pouches Of Temptations Treats For Cats, Featuring Seafood Medley, Tasty Chicken, Creamy Dairy And Tempting Tuna Flavors (One Of Each Flavor)
  • Temptations Treats For Cats Classic Feline Favorites Variety Pack Lets Your Cat Choose Their Favorite Flavor
  • Our Crunchy, Savory Cat Treats Have The Unexpected Surprise Of A Smooth And Creamy Center
  • This Low-Calorie Cat Treat Is Perfect For Playtime Or Anytime
  • Our Delicious Cat Treats Are Shipped In Frustration-Free Packaging, So Your Feline Friend Can Enjoy Their Snack Sooner