DYEOF Flea Tick Collar for Dogs 2022

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Fleas and ticks can cause a wide variety of issues for your dogs and the most common of which is flea bite dermatitis – a specific allergy to flea saliva. It leads to intense itching and scratching, then make your dogs’ skin break open and form scabs that can get infected. Moreover, fleas and ticks are also the health risk to humans. Although they don’t actually live on your skin or hair, they still bite you, which carries certain diseases, such as: plague and cat scratch fever. That’s why it is important to protect you, your family and your pet from these dangerous pests. DYEOF Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs is an excellent solution to deals with this trouble of pet owners. Our collar kills not only adult fleas and ticks but also their eggs and larvae, and repels mosquitoes as well. Instructions: – Use with pets at least 7 weeks old. – Continue usage of the collar for 12 months. – Store in the original container in a cool dry place. – Do not use detergents or cleaners that contain alcohol, gasoline or acetone. Caution: – Store collar out of reach of children. – Wash hands after excessive handling of a collar. – Consult veterinarian before using on pets that are sick, elderly or pregnant. Attention: – If dogs’ bathing or swimming occurs more often than once a month, or after exposure to too much rain and sunshine, the duration will be reduced. – This collar is with a little smell, no harm for pets, but if your pets will mind it, please consider it. – This collar is suitable for most of dogs, but if your dog has sensitive skin, please take it down immediately when you find anything abnormal and contact us via email.