DYEOF Cargo Liner Cover for SUV, Pet Seat Cover, Universal Fit for most Cars, Trucks & SUVs, Black

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The MADY Quilted Cargo Cover For Car’s & SUVs is water resistant, slip-proof & scratch-proof to make sure that your dog has a clean & safe place in the back of your car. Why should you buy the MADY Trunk Cover For Dogs? Are Dog hair, mud, and paw prints and other detritus in your trunk a perennial problem? We hear you! We all love our dogs but sometimes we wish they just wouldn’t be so messy. Especially if they are about to jump into our perfectly nice & clean car trunk. But how can a dog owner and his adventurous four-footed friend solve this?

Our answer: Use the MADY Car Trunk Cover! It’s water resistant & scratch proof as well as non-slip. It’s easy to clean, just use a vacuum cleaner or a wiper to make it look as good as new.


✅ Waterproof: The material that we use for our trunk cover is waterproof to ensure a clean and safe place for you & your dog.

✅ Slip-proof: Neither your dog nor the cover will slip around when the car is in motion thanks to the secure installation and fastening apparatus of the MADY cargo liner.

✅ Extra Storage: A special little cubbyhole for dog toys & other goodies hidden within the cover.

✅ Easy to clean: Wipe the dirt right off the cover to keep it clean. Use a vacuum from time to time or just take it out of the trunk and shake it a little. Whilst it is machine washable we do not recommend you machine wash it as it might lessen the product’s durability and longevity.



  • ✅ ARE YOU A DOG OWNER WHO STRUGGLES TO KEEP THE CARGO AREA OF YOUR CAR CLEAN? The MADY Quilted Cargo Cover keeps your cargo area clean and safe for small dog breeds such as Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Pug & Yorkshire Terrier as well as larger dog breeds like Samoyed, Pitbull, German Shepard & Husky.
  • ✅ EASY TO CLEAN with a wet rag. Simply vacuum from time to time or just remove from car and shake. The cover is machine washable but we recommend you wash it by hand for longer durability.
  • ✅ Our product is WATER RESISTANT thanks to the premium quality materials we chose (600D Oxford Polyester) for our cargo cover. The unique design with side flaps for additional protection of the cargo area ensures that your car will be clean at all times. In addition, the cover is also scratch resistant and slip proof to make sure that your dogs stays safe and your car clean.
  • ✅ Two Seat anchors and suction knobs for the window will keep the cover securely in place at all times. The cover also has a sewed in bag allowing you to store some tasty goodies or toys for your dog.
  • ✅ Measures:132cm x 99cm x 43cm / 52″ x 39″ x 17″ The MADY Car Trunk Cover / Cargo Cover fits all standard sized vehicles including SUVs which makes it the perfect fit for most cars.