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About the product
  • 100% NATURAL BRUSH: The round hair brush distributes scalp’s oil and makes your hair look shiny and soft.
  • STYLING TOOL: This round brush for blow drying will give you perfect volume & romantic waves or straightening.
  • NANOTHERMIC TECHNOLOGY:Our round brush guarantees the high level of heat resistance to reduce frizzing.
  • ERGONOMIC: One-piece handle to prevent hair pulling, universal 2 inch diameter suits every hair type.
  • GUARANTEE: If you notice a defect in blow dryer brush, we will make a full refund


Design: Big hair brush round. 
✔️The hair dryer blow brush works fine on your hair. It suits well women and men. It distributes the scalp’s oils throughout the rest of your hair detangling hair knots prevents breakage and split end appearance. This way it deals with dry hair making it smooth and shiny.
This hair styling brush works for both thin and thick hair types.
The useful blow dry brush, ionic hair brush. Even after a short period of its using you notice incredible changes in your hair it becomes less frizzy more textured and soon you’ll have a shiny tail.
✔️Blow drying & perfect styling
This blow drying brush has special vents that allow air pass through the brush. The heatproof plastic prevents overheating so don’t be afraid of a heated temperature. Create awesome pro volume on your head every day and feel perfect. This big round brush with 53mm in diameter curls your hair as well as straightens it. It’s up to you to decide what to choose.
✔️Nanothermic technology
Nanothermic hair brush technology guarantees the extra high level of heat resistance and a sterilization technique providing anti static and ultraviolet nano-materials. It helps to reduce frizz and make your hair smooth. With this brush you get free hair treatment.
✔️Ergonomic design
This 2inch round blow dry brush has a perfect design presented by an integrated vented cylinder and one-piece rubber handle preventing the brush rolling and rotating in your hand. It will keep your hair away from catching & pulling. 53-mm diameter is suitable for all hair types and length allowing you to travel with this brush because of its medium size.
✔️Use this brush for hair curling and waving and you will look amazing every day.
It will add you root double volume and create a cheap stylish hairdo just like in the professional hair salon. Change your life❗ Order this round boar bristle brush now and forget about hair salon visiting forever.